BUSI 1113 Introduction to Business
An introductory course designed to give the student an understanding of the whole area of business, to help the student become knowledgeable of the different vocational areas, and to acquire a vocabulary of business terms. (LAS)
(3 credit hours, 48 lecture hours, 0 lab hours)

BUSI 2013 Business Statistics [ST 002]
Provides an introduction to the elements of statistics. Includes frequency distributions, measures of central tendency, elementary probability, binomial distribution, measures of variation, normal distributions, random sampling, tests of significance, t-test and chi-square test. Projects may be assigned using statistical software. (LAS)
Prerequisites: MATH1513
(3 credit hours, 48 lecture hours, 0 lab hours)

BUSI 2213 Business Communications [BC 001]
This course is designed to strengthen basic language skills and to teach advanced communication techniques including skillful use of words, parallelism, emphasis, unity, tone, and style. Students are taught to use concise clear, straightforward language. Emphasis is placed in the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills by analyzing business problems, the resolution of which results in functional business documents. Students are taught to be more perceptive and skillful communicators by improving interpersonal, listening, and speaking skills. Students will integrate electronic elements in the oral and written communication process. International communications will also be stressed. (LAS)
Prerequisites: ENGL1113
(3 credit hours, 48 lecture hours, 0 lab hours)

BUSI 2313 Business Internship
Application of the theory and principles of business and/or economics to actual businesses or other organizations in which the student receives on-the-job experience. The intern must be directly supervised by a business professional. The internship supervisor at the work location and the internship faculty are both responsible for evaluating the internship. This course will be taken during the student's last semester.
(3 credit hours, 0 lecture hours, 96 lab hours)

BUSI 2901-3 Directed Studies in Business
This is a varying credit course that directs second-year students into special projects to extend and complement the required curriculum. This course can be used as a service learning course.
(1-3 credit hours, 16-48 lecture hours, 0 lab hours)