ECON 2113 Principles of Economics I [BU 410]
Fundamental macroeconomic principles appearing in production, consumption, and distribution of wealth; monetary and fiscal policy; determinants of such aggregates as national income, output, inflation, employment and price; and aspects of international trade interdependence. (LAS)
(3 credit hours, 48 lecture hours, 0 lab hours)

ECON 2123 Principles of Economics II [BU 420]
The continuation of ECON 2113, Principles of Economics I, with fundamental microeconomic principles involving behavior of consumers, business firms, market structures, and resource owners as they relate to the allocation of resources; individual price and output determination; goals of economic behavior with applications and illustrations from current issues; and international trade. (LAS)
Prerequisites: ECON2113
(3 credit hours, 48 lecture hours, 0 lab hours)